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No one wants a frizzy twistout, find out how I prep my hair for the proper takedown!!

“The way you take your twists down is key to a perfect twist-out.”

In the beginning stages of my becoming natural, I had no idea the importance of properly taking down my hair.

I would rush through because life was busier when my kids were younger and needed more of Mom's attention. I mean they still do now but on a different level 😉

So rushing through this process left my twists looking super frizzy and not as defined.

I started paying attention to my stylist at that time when she would do different styles.

She was precise with each section and didn’t rush through. That made me add that step in the future.

Currently, for my hair, I use 2 steps to prep my hair for the takedown.

Step 1- Apply a light oil or pomade/hairdress

Step 2- Go through each section to make sure it’s dry!

It’s so important to do both. If you are starting from scratch it’s a step you can’t miss.

(Added tip- If you did a refresh, feel your hair first to see if it is moisturized and coated enough, you might be able to skip oil 😉)

Products I used for the best takedown method:

Lavender Aloe Growth Oil by EDEN BodyWorks

Lavender Aloe Smoothing Gel by EDEN BodyWorks

You can use my unique code “TENIA” at checkout for 15% off your purchase from EDEN Bodyworks directly!!

So what’s your takedown method?

Do you dedicate more time to check if your twists are dry?

Do you use oil to take your twists down?

Let me know in the comments, I promise to chat back ☺️

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Be Well,

Tenia 💜

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