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Time for a reintroduction!! Meet Tenia Hoskins

It’s time for a reintroduction ♥️

I’m Tenia and I’m super glad you found me!

Naturally I am an encouraging person and that is what you will see with my content.

I am passionate about inspiring women to continue to thrive creatively. As we age we can sometimes think we have reached our limit and we aren’t of use.

That is simply not true at all.

Age doesn’t define who you are and what you can do.

Here’s a little bit about me❤️

Writing, speaking and singing are my favorite things to do.


I am a published author with books available now through Amazon. I also create journals and notebooks for self care, prayer, planning and gratitude.


My expressive side thrives when I am creating heartfelt lyrics as a singer-songwriter.


I produce music that encourages the weary soul. My music is airy and dreamy with a sprinkle of hip-hop and R&B tones.


I am serious about spreading messages of hope, faith, and love because God deeply loves me and that validation has saved my life.


Laughter and joy are a huge part of who I am so you will continue to get reels and funny content from me because it’s kind of my thing 😉


I am big on family. I’ve been married to my awesome husband Rueben for 17 years and I pray that we have many more blissful years together.


We have three amazing children( 16, 13, 10) and each one of them brings a special piece of joy to our home and lives. Motherhood has been a thrilling journey. I consider myself an experienced Mama so you will get more tips from me with depth and real hands on advice.

My family is SO important to me; being a wife and mom has enriched my life so much.

I am an avid DIY girl, I am low key obsessed with skincare. My lifestyle content incorporates natural hair, home life, mom moments, life with pets (pandemic pets 👀) health and wellness topics from time to time.

Thank you for following me and let me know what content you are enjoying so far.

Thankful for you,

Tenia 💜


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