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Welcome To The Soft Life 🍃

I have had the awesome opportunity to be an @edenbodyworks Curlfriend brand ambassador for the past few months.

I have used their products before but not all.

One product in particular that I love is from the Lavender Aloe line.

It’s the Lavender Aloe Growth Oil.

It’s great for scalp health and has healing properties.

One of my hair concerns has always been frizz!!! Just don’t even get me started lol!

This product can be used in multiple ways and methods. The going theme with EDEN BodyWorks products is that the majority of their products can be used in multiple ways. To me, that is a forever win and mood.

Thank you to @edensjasmine for creating a brand that serves the customer on many levels. Each product is top tier and spa quality. I escape a little each time I use this Lavender Aloe line.

I feel seen by this black-owned and woman-led company. I am deeply inspired by @edensjasmine entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity. It means so much to have products for us that are crafted thoughtfully and with me in my mind.

Try these products and use my discount code “TENIA”. Click the link in the bio to shop today.

Be Well,

Tenia 💜



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