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Welcome to TenSpiration. Our community brings writing and music together to create healing and reassurance for women who are going through tough times and looking forward to more joyful and happy times ahead. Our products are created by author and singer-songwriter Tenia Hoskins, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Meet The Founder

My name is Tenia Hoskins, and I am the founder of TenSpiration!


I have a strong desire for helping others thrive when anxiety and depression are present. With God, I have conquered many moments that could have destroyed my purpose. My focus changed when many would ask for help through mentoring and support. I began turning my setbacks into victories for others. 


At a young age, I encountered God authentically during a tough time. From that moment, staying close to God developed into a tremendous priority for me.

Hope and faith are important to meYou can't have one without the other.


I am a Chicago-based author, singer, songwriter and producer. 

Devoted wife and Mom to three amazing kiddos; that’s my first ministry!

I would love for you to experience healing for your moments of anxiety and depression, through my music and books!

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