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Writing new music and books in Chicago, IL

Welcome to TenSpiration. Our community brings books, writing and music together to create healing and reassurance for women who are going through tough times and looking forward to more joyful and happy times ahead. Our products are created by author and singer-songwriter Tenia Hoskins, and we are here to help you every step of the way.



I launched TenSpiration in Janaury 2020. It's been a dream for many years but I put faith into actions and this business was born.

TenSpiration was created to inspire and strengthen women through my writing, music and books. Women who face anxiety and depression are my special people.

I experienced post-partum depression with my children, but I have gained a wealth of knowledge and I love to help other women find the sunshine in their storm.

I wrote a book/devotional called "When Darkness Lingers" a devotional for moments of anxiety and depression.  That book was a test of my faith because I was experiencing depression and anxiety when I wrote it.  That book has been a successful aid to women of all ages to help them navigate depression and anxiety without being overwhelmed by it.

We all have a story and have overcome something in our lifetime.

It's my desire to help you heal properly so you can thrive beautifully!

-Tenia Hoskins

Creative Business Owner and multi creative in Chicago, IL
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