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New Music Looking For You from Tenia Hoskins on Spotify

the artist

singer songwriter in a beautiful meadow on a video shoot


Tenia Hoskins is a Chicago based singer, songwriter, composer, and producer.

Tenia’s style is a touch of old school and a sprinkle of futuristic sounds. Her airy voice and heartfelt lyrics are intriguing and captivating. She has a special knack for writing heartfelt lyrics based on her experiences with faith, hope, and love.  

As a child, Tenia loved to sing and entertain her family.  She developed a deep love for soulful and meaningful songs. As time would go on, she would begin her journey of faith as her family was very active in the church.

Music would continue to hold a special place in her life.


Tenia blossomed into a confident singer and performer. She has performed at weddings and other events, but her love remained for music and songwriting as she longed to create her own unique sound.


In May 2019, she reached a career goal by being a featured songwriter/composer for a feature film called “Loners”.

Writing that song reignited Tenia’s passion for songwriting and music production.


Tenia just released her latest single called "Looking For You”.

You can stream and download her new music and other original music by clicking the link below:

For multiple ways to listen/stream click below:

New Music Link!!!

Singer songwriter from Chicago watching nature and meadows at video shoot

exciting news

featured podcast guest 

Tenia was interviewed on "The Christian Indie Artists and Songwriters Podcast" 

Bryan Boliver has created a great space for indie artists and songwriters to share their journey and tips for navigating life as an indie artist.  


"Tenia has been following God's call on her life for music since she was 5 years old. With a huge support system from her family and husband, Tenia has always has been encouraged to keep going through the many seasons of the journey. 


After a try out for American Idol and The Voice not going as she hoped, she took that as an opportunity to pivot and keep going. 

Tenia has always been aware of the gifts and talents God has given her and she continues to seek out every way to give Him glory through them. Tenia has taught herself to produce her own music and has now started releasing music that is making a real impact in peoples lives. 

I loved hearing the determination and grit in Tenia's story and I know you will be inspired too!"

- Bryan Boliver

March 2021



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